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One thing to note is that Turku is also known as Åbo. Don't be fooled - they are the same place. In fact, since both Finnish and Swedish are official languages in Finland, many things have two names. Streets, for example, can be particularly confusing - what first appears on a map to be a street that changes its name is, more often than not, one street with two names. It might help to know that Finnish street names usually end in `katu' or `tie', while Swedish street names usually end in `gatan' or `vägen'. Any alternative Swedish names for places in this document will be given in parentheses.

For public transport within Turku/Åbo, please refer to Please note that the finnish name for the market square (main hub for public transport) is "Kauppatori" and the bus stop closest to the conference venue is "Kupittaan asema". If lines 32, 42 are used to reach the conference venue, please make sure to board the bus at stop (T38) Kauppatori with destination Varissuo. If 32, 42 is boarded from the (T37) Kaupptatori stop with destination Pansio/Perno you will head for a detour in the wrong direction, but will eventually return to Kauppatori.

The map below presents the main transport hubs in Turku/Åbo. Click to view.


Turku airport has direct services to Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallin, Riga, Budapest, Gdansk, Warsaw - as well as to various towns in Finland. So, if you are planning to fly in you will no doubt be coming via one of those places. The first route that springs to your travel agent's mind will probably be via Helsinki, but if you are coming from Western Europe or North America that means doubling back on yourself. One of the other gateways might be better; Stockholm is often faster and cheaper. However, it really won't make that much difference to your travelling time, so flight times, prices, and availability are probably more important factors.

The following airlines fly into Finland and have web sites:

British Airways

One thing your travel agent might not know (or be bothered to find out) is that some carriers will sometimes give you a free connecting flight to Turku from Helsinki or Stockholm. Make sure you don't pay for this flight unless you have to.

If you do have to pay for your connecting flight to Turku, then perhaps you don't want to do that last leg by air anyway. Getting to Turku by bus or train from Helsinki is easy and inexpensive. The journey takes approximately 2 hours. Alternatively, you can catch an overnight ferry from Stockholm; this is also easy and inexpensive, but more relaxing than fast. See below for details.


If you are coming to Turku from within Finland or from Russia, then rail could be the mode of transport for you. The timetables for trains in Finland are available on the web as well as a map of the Finnish rail system.

Here are a couple of useful-looking routes:

Journey Planner
Helsinki-Turku timetables
Turku-Helsinki timetables
Helsinki-St Petersburg-Moscow timetables

The contact information for Finnish Railways can be found here.


Bus is another good choice if you are coming from within Finland. ExpressBus runs buses to Turku from Helsinki, and Helsinki Vantaa Airport.

Here are a couple of useful-looking bus routes:

Helsinki Vantaa Airport-Turku

Note: If you take the bus from Helsinki Vantaa Airport, then at some point along the journey the driver may pull up on a fairly anonymous looking stretch of highway and dump your bags by the side of the road. If this happens, get out and wait with your bags. There may already be another bus waiting there - in which case just get on it. If not wait until another bus comes along and picks you up.


There are also various ferries that can take you to either Turku or Helsinki from around the Baltic. Silja Line and Viking Line are the two main operators into Finland. They operate large and very comfortable boats.

Here are a few useful-looking ferry routes.

Stockholm-Turku (Silja)
Tallinn-Helsinki (Silja)
Rostock-Helsinki (Silja)
Stockholm-Turku (Viking)

The contact details for Silja and Viking are as follows:

Silja Line
Offices and sales representatives or online reservation

Viking Line
Offices and sales representatives or online reservation


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