Researchers involved in the ADVICeS-project:

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Marina Waldén

Senior university lecturer in Computer Science at Åbo Akademi University, co-leader of the Distributed Systems Laboratory (DSLab), leader of the InDeQS group, and the Principal Investigator of the ADVICeS project. Her research interests include formal methods and their application on industrial strength systems. As a consequence she is also interested in the development process of safety critical systems.

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Marta Olszewska (Pląska)

Postdoctoral researcher in the InDeQS group. Her research interests focus on software quality, particularly in the assesment of impact of development methods (e.g. formal, agile) on the quality of produced artefacts (specifications, models, code) and development process itself.

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Other researchers, whose expertise will be utilised in the project:

Jonatan Wiik

Investigating modelling and verification methods of for Simulink, expected to graduate in 2017. Collaboration on quality assessments of Simulink models. Lead developer of VerSAA tool, which also includes metrics implementation.

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Sergey Ostroumov

Postdoctoral researcher in the InDeQS group. Research focuses on modelling of correct and reliable systems for many-core platforms; working on visualisations and collection of components for critical systems.

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Andrew Edmunds

Researcher in ADVICeS project. Exploring the Formal-Agile cross-over and Event-B modelling strategies. In addition, working on interfaces, and component re-use using iUML-B based composition.