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Date News
31.08.2017 PROJECT ENDED.
17.05.2017 Paper on using agile and formal methods in the Project Course accepted to SEAA 2017 conference!
23.04.2017 Paper on Visual Component-based Development of Formal Models presented at SOFTENG 2017 conference!
27.09.2016 Paper on Simulink complexity metrics suite accepted to ECSA 2016 conference!
25.08.2016 Paper on Operation Calls in Event-B accepted to SBFM 2016 conference!
25.08.2016 Paper on using Event-B within scrum accepted to PROFES 2016 conference!
06.04.2016 Paper on measuring agile transformation published to Journal of Systems and Software
08.03.2016 Paper accepted to Journal of Systems and Software
01.03.2016 Paper to be presented at ABZ 2016 conference!
02.12.2015 Paper accepted at SOFTENG 2016 conference!
17.10.2015 Andy Edmunds gives a talk at TGA2015
13.09.2015 Paper accepted at NWPT 2015 workshop!
01.07.2015 Paper accepted at QUDOS 2015 workshop!
27-29.05.2015 Colin Snook comes with a guest visit.
25.02.2014 Yanja Dajsuren from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands will be visiting us from 10-13th March 2014. She will give a guest talk while the stay. More details to follow.
08.01.2014 Lounching the ADVICeS webpage! ADVICEeS webpage is now available.