Adaptive Integrated Formal Design of Safety-Critical Systems

Project ADVICeS is funded by Academy of Finland in the period September 2013 - August 2017.

The aim is to make the formal design process for developing complex systems more efficient, flexible and maintainable. A combination of an adaptive design framework with formal methods is meant to augment the development flexibility and give faster response to changes in requirements and design decisions. As a consequence, it will aid to achieve a feasible formal development process that enhances maintainability.
Metrics and quality measurements will be integrated with the development process. This will provide additional guidelines for the modelling process and enable the assessment of the suitability of the proposed hybrid method.



Our project ended. One more publication still in progress.


Paper on using agile and formal methods in the student Project Course presented at SEAA 2017 conference!


Paper on using Event-B within Scrum accepted to PROFES 2016 conference!


Paper "Quantitatively Measuring A Large-Scale Agile Transformation" is published in Journal of Systems and Software!

Previous Updates


The main goal of project ADVICeS is to develop a collection of tactics for system modelling based on formal methods in order to be able to efficiently design complex, dependable software systems that are correct by construction.


The project consists of four research tasks, where each of the tasks is modular enough to be executed separately, but at the same time it links to other tasks in order to reach the project research goals.


We have a small team working on the project. However, we are supported internally by researchers from our research group InDeQS and externally by project collaborators.